my army

next update  if u havent read the one below if u have then we must start after the genrals or leaders of armys then the whole army will b ours stay determend on ne target then all of webosaurs will b pink and purple go go go

IMPORTANT UPDATE if Rex reeds this it maybe over my goal for us is that we are the number one army in webosaurs to do that we have to take out the best next time i c him i will ask if he is still making a army and report back then but for now u can only tell people u r in a rmy not that its the purink mix of purple and pink if u have better names leave a comment

u can b in my army by wearing a pink or purple nametag if i c u around the island i will ask you if ur a mod like ceno who reads my blog i will ask if you want to you will have an exception with the color lol

here they are my soilders









One response to “my army

  1. i want to be in your army plz let me

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