im back site is under matnince update whateve

hey guys so its true im bck and i need updates so yeah i working on them it will look like a comic book



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5 responses to “im back site is under matnince update whateve

  1. I have a blog that is STRICTLY and ONLY dedicated to this game and you can find this website at the following link visit this site if you want to check it out =)

    • rollsroycewebosaurs

      i did i working on site though and the only reason i left was cause i wasn’t getting any veiws well iwas it was like 2 or 3 a dya then like 8 or 9 then bck to 2 or 3

  2. ModosaurCeno

    Rollsroyce! Dude where have you been, we miss you in Webosaurs. I haven’t seen you in forever! There are some really cool things happening on the island right now. There have been scavenger hunts every day this week with cool cave items as the prizes. Mimo is going to top off the week with a huge party on Sunday, another scavenger hunt, and free Webosaurs and CP memberships to one lucky dino.
    Flyboy has been in South Africa with Nigel Marven filming some awesome new webosodes. We should be seeing those early next year. And they’ve just added a couple of webosodes about volcanoes and lava at Carnivorous Caverns. So hurry on back and visit with all your friends in Webosaurs.

  3. I’m always looking for new posts in the net about this matter. Thanx!

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