party this aturday with mimmo

 thats right a party with mimmo  and its gonna rock

Guess what! Our friend Mimo is stopping by to paaarrtaayy! Yay! We’re gonna get down and funky this Saturday.
So here’s the scoop – I’m gonna tell you what day and what time, and y’all can guess where the party will be. I’ll give you a few hints along the way, and by Saturday, you’ll definitely guess where we’ll be partying it up.

DATE: Saturday, August 8th
TIME: 12pm Central Time (that’s 10am Pacific time, 11am Mountain time, and 1pm Eastern Time)
LOCATION: look for your hints here in the blog later :)
THEME: Mimo meets Nigel Marven
WILL THERE BE A RARE ITEM?: Yep! and you’re gonna dig i


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One response to “party this aturday with mimmo

  1. muppet1st

    Youve put aturday instesd of saturday! Anyway i put up the post!
    Muppet out

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